My gift!

I received a lovely gift yesterday and I cannot help but show it off.


I know you cannot see it, but the area on the pashmina that is solid is actually a lovely brocade.  Just stunning!  And the sock bag?  Well, my April sock equipment is in it and ready to go.  These are just so beautiful, the bag is handmade and constructed so beautifully.  This was such a lovely treat to receive in the mail!!!

In other news…I’ve had a stressful beginning of the year.  Consequently even though I managed to not gain any weight at all during the holidays, I managed to put on 10 pounds between January and March.  Ugh.  Too many carbs, not enough veggies, failure to buy organic dairy, and the weight went on fast.  I was able to stop it as soon as I truly noticed but working on getting rid of it is a bit harder to do.  I am proud to report that as of today I’ve managed to take 8 back off.  Big sigh of relief from me!