Posting these late

I’ve finished clue 3 of Bug’s mystery socks.  Clue 4 is out now, and I’ve got a little bit of i-cord edging to do on the cuffs, but they look great so far!  They are a bit too long for her, but I think this is good, since we are moving out of sock season anyhow, and they should fit her next year.


We spent some time with J this weekend, which was nice.  Sometimes I wish I was as creative in speaking to Bug as he is.  At one point, Bug had colored through the paper she was using and ink got on the dining room table.  She came to me upset and I could tell she had done something that she felt she shouldn’t have.  When I saw a tiny pen mark on the table, I got her a towel to clean it up.

But along comes her JJ.  He grabs some spray soap and sprays the table.  Then he tells her “See Bug, now the soap and the ink are having a battle.  And when we wipe up the table, we get to see who won!”  Instantly she was more excited about cleaning up her mess, and he put her at ease when she was upset over the mark.

By the way….the soap won.

Final food night post

Please understand that regardless of who felt what during my adventure, I just used the pictures I had to create the story.  I just wanted to use the expressions on the faces of my friends.

Also, as a disclaimer, I was not falling off my chair due to wine, but due to the expansion of my own seat which has gotten rather wider than the seat of that particular chair this winter.  I am going to need to start working on that.

Obligatory food picture:


And finally, a rockin’ picture of the Bug which o’kathy managed to capture:


That is it until this evening, when I can show you an almost finished pair of mystery socks!

Gathering Courage

As I mentioned, we had indian food night at my house.  I had just recently finished the left front of the Sylvi coat.  Now, to understand this next part, you have to understand how the coat is constructed.  You slip the first stitch on the side in order that there is, hopefully, a nice tidy chain that runs from the bottom to the top of the coat.  Problem is, it is easy to get that chain consistent.  I managed to twist quite a few stitches as I was knitting it and I wasn’t sure I liked how it looked.  Why should I care?  Won’t it be hidden when I sew it together?  Why, no, it won’t.  Because the instructions say to seam on the inside, so that the chained edge shows on the front.  A detail in the coat so to speak.  So now you know why I might be upset about the twisted stitches in the chain.

I had read that I could drop the chain stitch, unravel it all the way to the bottom, and pick it up with a crochet hook, chaining it back to the top.  This, as you can imagine, was a bit of a scary prospect.  But I really wanted this to look nice.

So as I sat around the table with my glass of wine, I decided that the time to try it was right then, with supportive knitter friends around me.  I went and got the crochet hook, and o’kathy thought she had better take pictures.


Bug decided she wanted to be in the middle of everything, so we let her model the coat.


Sarah saw the crochet hook in my hand, and got a bit nervous:


Monica seemed skeptical:


And o’kathy was as supportive as ever:


Once I had unraveled all the stitches, I look like a deer caught in the headlights!


Though I am not sure if this was because I had recently almost fallen off my chair, or if it was due to those stitches.

Let’s take a closer look at the stitches:


Nope, it wasn’t about the close call, those stitches ARE scary!

But after a false start or two, they all went back together nicely.


A rather poor close up:


Stay tuned for a few more pictures yet, I haven’t gotten through them all, but I wanted to share that little knitting adventure.

A Preview

So I hosted a small indian food knit night at my house last evening.  I just cannot get over how much fun I find it to be to have people into my own home.  It is enjoyable and relaxing and all that Miss Bug needs to be entertained is right at our fingertips.  Though I can’t make food like this on a regular basis, it was a perfect special occasion, and I really needed the distraction.

I’ve got more pictures at home (orangekathy, I think you left your camera at my house, and I stole your memory card and grabbed the knitnight pics, so I’ll upload some of them here tonight.)  But, I have a preview for you.  Deawn snapped a few shots which I was able to grab this morning from facebook.  This one I cannot resist showing right away!


Great picture Deawn, you couldn’t have captured a better shot!

Stay tuned for picture by picture shots of the scary undertaking I attempted with my coat.  I don’t think anyone in the room believed I should try it….

What big needles you have!

All the better to knit a coat with!

This is a half days progress on the left front of my coat.  How quickly it knits up!


Now I just have to knit 110 more rows before I start the raglan decreases.  No problem!  If you want to see what the back might look like, go here, Umme Yusuf has a great start on hers!  I plan to bore myself with seed stitch before I knit the back, but she is digging right in.

Coatimundi KAL

I’ve started clue 3 of the Scheherazade stole.  I’ve cast on the second half as well, as I had high hopes of keeping up with the second half.  I haven’t been doing so well in that department though.  I’ll take it to work to see if that helps at all.


I’ve not been working on it much today in anticipation of indian food night on Wed.  I’ve been cleaning instead.  I love having people over simply because it means the house will be reasonably clean and enjoyable that week.  I would like to do it more often!

Umme Yusuf has started her projects as well, the first KAL post is here.  I think she is ambitious to start with the back of the coat, I am not so courageous!