Coatimundi Week 3

I hear it is week three, but I couldn’t care about anything but the coat!

I have begun decreasing the back, and full expect to be done with the back this weekend.  Hopefully I will then work on the sleeves.  I can block the back and fronts while on vacation, ending my temptation to keep checking that they are dry.


Please don’t be overly concerned about the funny pieces of yarn, I haven’t lost my mind, I just marked the stitches to be picked up to knit the flowers.

I did manage to finish clue 4 of my stole, but I am saving the rest of it for my vacation (Leaving on Tuesday).


Ummeyusuf is flying through her stole the way I am flying through the back of my coat, week 3 brings her to the completion of clue six.  She is basically halfway done with the stole!