Another first

I participate in a fiber swap each month, and it has been a completely enjoyable experience.  I canceled my fiber club subscription because I enjoyed the swap ever so much more.  Now, you may remember my participation in hush hush handspun hootinany last year, where I received this lovely package.  Well, she also organizes the monthly fiber swap and she was my spoiler for this round.

Somehow she always picks things that I fall in love with!  Take a look at the firestar/merino/BFL batts she sent this time!  Along with some silk of the same color!


I’ve only worked with batts the one time which she sent them to me, and I loved it.  I’ve never worked with firestar.  I’ve never spun silk beyond those silk hankies.  Needless to say, I am very excited about this package!

Unfortunately, I will have to wait to spin this until I get back from vacation….leaving Tuesday!!!

3 thoughts on “Another first

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