Saga of socks with holes

Awhile back I mentioned that J’s socks had developed holes.  To be honest, I wasn’t really worried about it because they were made out of lion brand wool- ease, not meant for sock knitting, and I’d rather knit him a new pair rather than try to darn them.  Besides, the hole was large, it looked like a dog had chewed the heel of the sock.  I told him to throw it out.

3 months later, he still has the socks.  He has asked me to “fix” them.  I told him there was no point fixing them, he should just throw them out.  I’d rather make a new pair than fix this pair.  I told him it wasn’t worth it.

The response?  “Sweetie, it is worth it to me!”  Apparently he has not been able to throw them out, as they are the first handmade items I gave to him.  He cannot bear to part with them. He just wants me to fix the hole so he can have them back.

So…recognizing that I should be grateful for a sentimental man, I told him I’d take the socks home with me and try to fix the heel.  I do have matching yarn after all.

He was concerned I might take them and throw them out myself!  But I did not, I fixed them and decided to document the process.

Here I’ve picked up the stitches around the hole.  I’ve decided to knit an afterthought heel, just a small one, and then cut away the mess.


Then I knit the little heel and kitchenered it.


Chopped out the mess:


And ended up with a fairly decent heel.


The whole time I was on the phone with O’kathy, who encouraged me to knit him a new pair of lionbrand gray socks, and then get a shadow box the put the old ones in.  I didn’t think that would work, might not be satisfactory.

So, I told J last night that I had fixed his socks.  He told me he was too scared to wear them now and just wanted them to look at.  Apparently the shadowbox option wasn’t a bad one after all!