Luna Moth shawl

Just so you know, I am writing this earlier than you are seeing it.  This project is top secret for my grandmother, and because she is really a cool grandmother, she is internet savvy and checks my blog.  Since I’d like to keep this a surprised, and considering the color and the time frame are exact and she’d guess it was for her, I have to write and then save the posts for later.

I am attempting to work a luna moth shawl in a period of 2 weeks.  This would not typically be a logical endeavor, but the luna moth shawl is worked in DK weight yarn, so I think I can manage it.

Grandma typically runs hot.  So when I wanted to knit something for her, I considered socks or a shawl.  I got the advice of friends who also run hot, and they told me that they hate wool socks because it keeps them way too warm.  And that a shawl was easy to throw on or off depending on ones temperature.  I then decided to choose a yarn that was not wool, for that very reason.  Considering the DK weight of the yarn necessary for the pattern, I thought wool would be too heavy.  So I’ve chosen Rowan Calmer, mostly cotton with a bit of polyster.


I’ve never worked with this yarn before, and I was surprised at how soft and stretchy it is.  Also, decent price for the yardage!  As I am knitting the shawl I am totally dreaming of a summer top in this very yarn.  I see more summery tops in my future!

My only concern with this yarn is the blocking.  I have no idea if it will block well or if the springyness of the yarn will make it spring back rather than hold its block.  I do think though, that the shawl will look nice even without a firm blocking.

I started on Saturday, March 21.  Currently, as I am writing this, it is Tuesday March 24.  I have finished 2 repeats out of the 6.5 necessary for the shawl.  This is what it looks like thus far:


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