Knitting for my grandpa

You all saw the shawl I knit for grandma by now, and you may know that I have knit francie socks for grandpa twice now, which he loves to wear.

I wanted to try something different for him, rather than continue to knit socks.  I know that his head is often cold, and that he feels cold more often than not.  He wears hats often, and needs them to be soft.  So I thought I’d try my hand at a hat.

I wanted to try a soft yarn but I wanted it to also be warm.  My friend Sarah knit her central park hoodie out of Berroco ultra alpaca, which is a merino/alpaca blend and I was completely taken with how soft it was.  So when I picked up yarn for grandma’s shawl, I also picked up a skein for a hat.

As I know hats, for me, are generally quick projects, I didn’t bother to cast on until vacation.  I balled on the yarn and put it and the needles in my carry on luggage.  Along with the pattern.

Once I got through security, Bug and I sat down to wait to board the plane.  I pulled out my needles and cast on the hat.  I knit and knit, through 2 planes and one layover.  Once I get to my parents, I know there is another hour in the car, so I decided I wouldn’t decrease until then.  We met my dad, got in the car, and I began the decreases.  Before we even got home, I was done with the hat.

I had my brother model it:


It really is warm and soft, I absolutely love that yarn!

Because the hat took less than a day to knit, I somehow felt it wasn’t enough.  I ended up stopping at 2 yarn stores in order to find yarn and needles for a pair of socks.  Thuja’s, after all, are a quick knit.

During the second trip to a yarn shop, I found appropriate yarn for the project. I had heard that grandpa wanted to have the legs of his socks a little longer, so I knit a sock with a nice long leg (9 inches) and tried it on my brother:


I thought it looked pretty darn good so I started the second sock.  One problem, on my trip to visit my grandparents, I ran out of yarn.  *sigh*  Apparently I didn’t take into account the extra yarn needed because I had knit 2 extra long sock legs.  I ran out soon after I decreased the gusset on the second sock.  Luckily, my grandmother has a pretty hefty yarn stash of her own, so I dug into that and finished up the foot with some white yarn.  Unfortunately, the socks look supremely silly and the replacement yarn is different in weight and feel.  Fortunately grandma promises not to take him out in those silly frankensocks.  I am really going to have to do a better pair to make it up to him!