My frst pair of gloves are sucessfully complete.  I expect to make about 3 more pairs.  But…maybe not until the cooler weather hits.


The yarn is BMFA lightweight in color January one.  The pattern is knotty gloves.  I was surprised at just how easy it is to knit all those fingers!

Eating my words

For the last 2 years, I’ve watched J’s eyes get worse and worse.  Knowing full well he needed reading glasses, I listened to him try to convince me that each year the printing on books was getting smaller.  I’ve seen him do the arm reach in an attempt to focus on the newspaper.  And I’ve gently asked him to see an eye doctor, because after all, he was now 40, not 15.

He has finally decided to heed my advice, and he will be seeing an eye doctor in about a week.  I look forward to him being able to enjoy his books again.

Lately I’ve noticed that I am getting heartburn over the strangest things.  Foods that would not typically bother my stomach, or juices with a higher acidity level.  It first happened randomly, and since J has trouble with his stomach, typically he’d have something on hand to alleviate those uncomfortable symptoms.  But, as time has gone by, I’ve started to realize that it is happening with increasing frequency.  In fact, at this moment, just about everything is causing it.  Including the dinner of plain white rice.  Now, I’ve been pretty silent about the frequency of all this until I realized that even rice was bothering me.  Which prompted the following conversation with J.

Me:  You know how I’ve been having more and more heartburn?  Well, now I am even getting it when I eat something as simple as plain white rice.

J:  Well sweetie, I think you should try not to drink coffee on an empty stomach.  I also think you should try some prilosec for awhile.

Me:  Why not just Tums?  Surely I don’t need anything that strong.  I don’t really want to start taking meds like that.

J:  I think that 2 weeks on prilosec would be all you need, just to heal things back up.  Then after, just make sure you don’t have coffee before you’ve eaten something.  I feel strongly that this would take care of it.

Me:  Well, I just don’t understand why this is happening.  This is silly.  I don’t want to take any meds and I don’t get why this got worse.

J:  Now sweetie….you are 32, not 15 anymore.