A perfect day

Yesterday I was bound and determined to have a relaxing day.  I had planned a bike ride with O’Kathy in the morning, and then a day of relaxing on Sarah’s back deck while Bug ran through the sprinkler.

Since Minnie’s son came over to mow the back area (due to my fear of snakes), I had the courage to go back there and cut down all the junk trees which were growing out of control.  I did have Bug run around the entire house a few times just to ensure that any relaxing snake was either going to hide or stay where he was.  But I saw no snakes and felt pretty safe and confident in my duties.  I managed to get that done even before my morning bike ride.

Went on a 15 mile bike ride in my new bike skort, which is full of win!  Much more comfortable riding!  Then we went grocery shopping, came home to unload bike and get a shower and make hummus, and headed to Sarah’s.  Sarah’s new house is just about perfect.  The trees in the back yard are so mature that even though it is hot out, if there is a decent breeze blowing, sitting under the trees feels cool and comfortable.  Bug did run through the sprinkler for a long time, and made herself downright cold.  I spun.  I don’t really like to knit in the heat, so spinning seemed ideal.  What did I spin?  Well, I finished what I could of the lovely turquoise batts, plyed them with the silk that I had on hand, and made 173 yards of laceweight yarn.  I still have more than 3 oz. of spun batts left and need to find more silk to turn turquoise to match.  Once I was done with that, I spun another 2 oz. of BFL, in order to get a good worsted to bulky weight yarn in the next couple of days.

Picture 1004

Picture 1003

I find I love these colors because they remind me of noro!

We left Sarah’s at 8:30 PM, and Bug was fast asleep by the time we got home.  All I had to do was carry her inside and tuck her in bed.  It was such an easy relaxing wonderful day that I am positive I need more of them!

Once a day

Picture 1002

I am trying to spin once a day.  A little each day.  It has been tough because I never feel like I am getting anywhere on a project.  And yes, it would be a lot easier if I would just stop spinning laceweight, but I love laceweight yarns, how can I resist!

You may remember my elation at receiving the above fiber in my swap club.  I’ve been spinning at it bit by bit.  One more batt to go, and I did start the silk.  I can’t wait to ply them together!  The best part?  The gal who sent these lovelies is running a little contest, we can possibly win more of her batts by posting pictures of spun yarns from our swap packages.  What more motivation would I need to spin a little every day?!

I am dumb

New car dumb, that is.

I’ve not been driving the pretty new car because…well because it is pretty.  Too pretty to drive.

But last night I wanted to spend some time with friends, so I loaded Bug into the car and went over to see them.  It was a little late when we returned home, it was the first time I’d driven my car in the dark.

For the last 10 years I’ve driven my little subaru where the lights come on when I turn the car on, and the lights shut off when I turn the car off.

My new little car has some fog lights that are always on when the car is on.

I drove all the way home without turning on my lights. I complained that I could not see the radio to change the channel, and why was it so dark in the car, and when it is that dark in the car, the digital dashboard seemed so painfully bright!  I pulled in my driveway and sat there for a moment thinking “There has to be a way to see the radio at night!”  And I started fiddling with things.  Then all of a sudden “AAAhhh!  Lights!  Inside AND outside the car!”

New car dumb, thats me!

Wahnananah BAT SHAWL!

I’ve got Sarah’s bat shawl to feature tonight, she did a really nice job on it.  And….Bug blocked it!  Dead serious.  I put the top wires in, and pulled the point to the bottom, and Bug put the rest of the pins in and blocked it out.  She was intense!  She’d pull a side out, and then the other side to match, then she would determine if it was good enough or if it had to be redone.  I’d hear her say “That was a really good one!” or “Let me try that one again.”  It was so cool!  Then this morning she pulled all the pins out, put them away, put the wires away, and folded up the shawl neatly “like a peanut butter sandwich.”  She got nervous because there was a little spring back to the yarn, but once I told her it was fine, she stopped worrying.

Isn’t this a perfect color for a bat shawl?

Picture 1001

Show off!

Hanami stole, with hematite beads throughout.  I love this asymmetrical stole, it is just the prettiest thing!

Picture 1000

It has been raining all day, which made me worry that I wouldn’t be able to get decent pictures.  I couldn’t hang the stole, but this will do.

A dye day of our own

O’Kathy, Mary, and I decided awhile back that we needed to have a dye day where we experiment with different dyes and fibers and yarns and just have fun.  We’ve been trying to plan this for so long now, but getting 3 very busy women together for one day is almost impossible.  We finally came up with a day that O’kathy and I could do it, and Mary told us to go ahead and get started without her.

So Saturday was our day!  We ran errands in the morning, going to goodwill to pick up some equipment, and then over to a restaurant supply store for a few supplies.  My big score at goodwill was a huge dark roasting pan with lid, and a crock pot with a slightly broken lid.  The crock pot was one of these large ones with a removable insert, and for kettle dyeing, I didn’t figure I needed a lid all that much.

We then grabbed lunch, got back to my house, and began our day of dyeing.  We also had a friend, Becky, around as an extra set of hands and a bit of a distraction for the Bug.  Who really wanted to be in the middle of everything, when we really wanted her to be out of the kitchen.  LOL.

Picture 946

Blank yarn, O’kathy chose bamboo/wool blend for her sock weights

Picture 948

You can just see it, she wrote “Pedal” across this sock yarn in orange dye.

Picture 949

Then she finished dyeing it.

Picture 950

My blank merino fiber.  I have a lot of fiber left, but worked predominately with merino and merino/tencel on saturday.

Picture 952

Yarns soaking. I dyed laceweight.

Picture 953

Kettle dyeing in my new (to me) crock pot.

Picture 997

Which made this…2 gray tones linen/silk laceweight colorway Seattle Sky. Can’t wait to see how this knits up!

Picture 961

“Pedal” yarn soaking after its trip in the oven.

Picture 964

My 2 goodwill finds…I’ve discovered that the large dark roasting pan works well for solar dyeing in the heat of the sun, no need to turn on the oven!

Picture 966

Kettle dye in process, you can see some merino draining in the corner.

Picture 968

This picture shows us the insanity that is our dear O’Kathy.  She knit this sock blank holding 2 strands of yarn together, so she could dye it, and then reknit it into socks.  Nuts!

Picture 969

Yarn hanging on the porch, this is early on in the day.

Picture 970

Candid shot of Bug and Becky, Becky brought her dog, which amused the Bug greatly.

Picture 974

Candid of Bug and me, as I look terribly hot and gross.

Picture 975

Yarn hanging on the porch later in the day

Picture 976

Yarn everywhere!

Picture 977

Bug everywhere!

Picture 986

Some finished objects, this is merino/tencel colorway Georgia Arbor

Picture 989

Merino/tencel colorway The Monica

Picture 995

Linen/silk laceweight, kettle dyed. Colorway…heath?


O’Kathy’s yarns!  Even the mistakes came out beautifully.

I actually have more to post, but they need to be reskeined before I take pictures.  Some of these will go up in the etsy shop as soon as we get ourselves organized, but if you see a colorway you just have to have, let me know!  We will be doing this again, we had a ton of fun even if we were exhausted, and we learned so much!