Scheherazade Stole

I am done with my stole, and…well…it didn’t exactly turn out as I’d have liked it to.  I am going to start with the pretty shots, and then I’ll give you a rundown on the problems.


The edging:picture-901

It is really nice and long:


Now let’s talk about the issues.  I used malabrigo laceweight.  Malabrigo really is some of my most favorite yarn, so I thought I’d enjoy using it for this stole as well.  If you don’t know malabrigo, you need to know that it felts.  It is a singles yarn, not plied, so in order to make it strong it has to be slightly felted before it is sold.  This makes it difficult to wind into a ball, but the pay off is a fantastically soft laceweight.

Now, as fantastic as it is, when frogging, tinking, or working the stitches more than once, it doesn’t hold up well.  This stole requires a knitted on edging, which basically calls for handling the stitches repeatedly toward the end.  By the time I was getting to the end of the edging, I was dealing with a mass of stitches all felted together.  It presented rather a challenge.

The second issue was more my fault.  The pattern calls for a provisional cast on, and the stole is knit from the middle toward the end, then picking up the cast on and knitting again from the middle to the other end.  Early on I decided rather than use this method,  I would just knit 2 pieces and kitchener them together.  I chose to do this because I wanted to knit both sides at the same time, eliminating my tendency to get bored and not finish my lace projects.  Sounds like a good idea right?

Perhaps, IF one is not using malabrigo laceweight.  Picking up the stitches again was a bear.  Again, I had a felted mess.  Then, when I kitchenered it, one of the sides of a motif wasn’t lining up.  But I couldn’t do a darn thing about it because I couldn’t unravel the kitchener, since all the stitches were felted.  It was extremely frustrating to me, and I spent all weekend fighting with it.  Kind of a sorry end to an enjoyable knitting experience.

Below is a picture of the center motif:


And now a close up of the problem area, left side of the diamond:


The rest looks pretty good, and I have to admit it was really hard for me to post this picture.  I am quite sad about this ending.  Nonetheless, it is a pretty, and long, and wide stole, and for that I am happy.  Considering I wear my malabrigo icarus ALL the time (J and I even fight over it, as it is so soft and scrumptious) this one will probably get plenty of wear too.

My public service announcement?  Malabrigo laceweight is wonderful, but best shied away from when using a pattern which will require handling the same stitches more than once.

Recognize this?


You may think you’ve seen this before.

In fact, it looks an awful lot like this.

But this one is for me!  I’d intended to get to this sooner, so that Bug and I could wear matching sweaters, but it has taken longer than I expected.  Luckily, Bug’s sweater still fits.  I could increase the length of her sleeves if I chose, to gain time for her to wear it.  But first I need to complete my own.  Since I have been a little more exclusive in my knitting endeavors, I suspect it won’t take too much time to finish.  Except that the icord edging is painfully slow.  LOL.  I am again using noro matsuri, in the same colorway that Bug’s sweater is done in.  But, the second batch has more of a hot pink tone to it, and Bug’s sweater never got a hot pink color section.

Additionally, this week you will be seeing some projects which are not mine!  I’ve decided to do some blocking for my friend Sarah.  Probably against her wishes.  LOL.  She only handed them over for me to block when it looked like I was going to steal them anyhow.  I am the sicko who just loves blocking projects.  The added bonus is that I get to feature a few projects which I did not knit but are lovely and deserve some photography.

But first, I’ve blocked my coatimundi stole, and will be able to take some pictures tonight!  I am excited to show it to you, but I will be explaining in great detail exactly why I am frustrated with it.