One more!

This is the final scarf which I blocked for Sarah.  I’ll be sorry to stop featuring knitting done by friends, as I have little to post since I am working quite monogamously on my pinwheel sweater.

This is jojoland melody yarn, which you can see by the gradual and long color changes.  The cable and lace pattern blocked beautifully.  You might remember this scarf, as it was Sarah’s entry into our ravelympics group!

Picture 912

Picture 913

3 thoughts on “One more!

  1. Beautiful lace! I’m just about to jump into the world of lace feet first and in the deep end at that! I’ll be attempting my first lace weight lace project as soon as my supplies arrive. Filagree shawl looks simple enough as far as charting goes. I’ve accomplished lace integrated into tops and cardigans, etc. but never with Lace Weight fibre. Wish me luck.

  2. Love that color & it’s a beautiful scarf.

    Just stopped in to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow. Hope you and Miss Bug have a fantastic day no matter what you’re doing.

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