My Mothers Day

Bug and I spent the day in the garden.  After church we went to pick up the veggies and herbs I wanted to plant, we brought them home, got them in the ground, weeded, watered, and then trimmed hedges.  Now, usually my mom gets to work with Bug on the yard, they get it in shape for me.  But this year is not typical, as mom won’t be out at the usual time.  So I actually have to do this myself.  Now, I really didn’t understand JUST how much Bug loves the garden until yesterday.  She wanted to be the one doing the work and she spent ours out there.  She tended carefully to the mint we had planted a few days before.  She deadheaded the tulips and daffodils.  She weeded like a mad woman.  That kid just loves to plant!

We will have more to do tonight, hopefully the weather will hold.  I needed my yard waste bucket emptied before I could do more.  I find that with her enjoying it, I also tend to enjoy it more.

Because of all the gardening, I did not get a lot of knitting done this weekend.  I did take a shot of the pinwheel sweater though.  I am about 1 inch away from finishing the increases, which is good because I am completely tired of it.

Picture 914

I’ve had to fudge the colors a bit since I don’t like how small the rings are getting, but all in all it is bright and pretty and should look good when I am done.  I should also have a lot of matsuri left over.

Due to my overwhelming guilt over having mystic waters shawl STILL on the needles after 2.5 yrs, I did pull that out to work on yesterday.  I managed 6 rows.  Then I got a call from an old friend.  She wanted a pair of socks.  I offered her a black beaded stole.  I will be doing the hanami stole, and adding hematite beads to the “cherry blossom” section. To be honest I’ve had trouble with this stole before, but I hope it was the yarn rather than the knitter which was the issue.  This means that mystic waters will go back into hibernation for a time and we will just have to assume that 6 rows was a great deal of progress….comparatively.