The elusive “W”

In the yarn world, if you don’t have it, you are desperately trying to get it.

If you do have it, you are being harassed or you’ve been secretive about having it.

When you try to buy it, you find that all sorts of rules have been placed upon it.  No more than 1 or 2 skeins in each colorway, cannot combine shipping, etc.

That is, if you can ever find a way to buy it in the first place.

I happened upon 2 “sneak ups” of this fantastic yarn.  This was late last year.  I bought a bunch of it, and due to the difficult to find nature of it, I was pretty indiscriminate about what I purchased.

When I got the yarn, I then went through it to see which I’d like to trade, and which I’d like to keep as is.  Personally, I’d prefer to knit lace over socks with it, so I immediately put some up for trade in order to find more of the colorways I liked so that I could knit lace.

Through a couple of trades, I did managed to get enough for a sweater in one color, and enough for lace in another color.  And then the rest of the trade items just sat there on my trade page, looking beautiful but lonely.

Meanwhile, every day I was getting offers from people who wanted to purchase my yarn which was listed as for trade only.  Or, they would offer trades that had nothing to do with what I had asked for in the first place.  Here I am inundated with email about this yarn when I don’t even really want to rid myself of it.

So I thought “Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how much these gals who want to buy it are offering for it?” as no one had actually given me a price they were willing to pay.  I sent out an email asking what the yarn was worth to them.  Mostly as an experiment to see what I would get in return.  After all, if what it is worth to them happened to be in line with what it was worth to me, I might be willing to sell.

And their responses?  Across the board they offered me less than I had paid for it when shipping was included.  Now why on earth would I get rid of the most coveted yarn, which I like, and want to keep, for a price that is less than what I paid?  They acted like somehow they deserved this yarn.  I was appalled.  I failed to respond to anything that was not a reasonable trade offer.  Even as I was reading that various people get irritated because those with the “W” don’t respond to the people who want to purchase it.  I don’t respond because I haven’t listed it to sell.  Why should I take my time to do so?

Then, I decided to do another small social experiment.  I thought I’d list the yarn at a higher price than usual, one that was in line with how much I would like to receive for yarn that I liked and didn’t really want to part with.

I listed one yarn.  Just one.  And I forgot about it.  And the emails stopped.  And the trade offers stopped.  I was no longer harassed over this yarn.  It was lovely.  I had about a 2 month stretch there with no harassment.  (Looking back, that may have more to do with the economy and scared people than it did with listing it at too high a price).  Then, I got “the” email.  The email from someone who was willing to pay that price.  So sadly, I had to part with that skein.  But, as this was a social experiment, I wondered if it would work again.  So I listed another for the same price.

I woke up the next morning with no less than 5 emails.  3 were from people who wanted me to sell it to them for less.  1 was from someone who wanted me to sell it for less OR was willing to provide a reasonable trade.  And 1 person actually was willing to pay what I was asking.  1 of the emails which was asking for a lower price was downright rude.  Again, I fail to understand the attitude when I am the one with the yarn and I don’t really want to sell it! I guess you can figure out who got the yarn.  Sadly, I must part with another skein.

But don’t worry, the story isn’t going to end here.  I am going to continue my social experiment.  Stay tuned.