If you want to destroy my sweater…

I had a very froggy day.  I asked Beltway to bring an extra ball winder so I could frog in style.  And just so I could share my shame, I took pictures.


Picture 922

Became this:

Picture 923

One was a mystery shawl in a design I never quite liked.  I stopped knitting on it to see if the design would improve, but it didn’t, so I quit entirely.  I just hadn’t frogged it yet, but I wanted to repurpose the yarn.  The other is my kauni attempt.  I never did like the colors running into each other, so I’ve decided I am going to do the typical squares cardigan that everyone has already done.  At least I’ll be happy with it!

I’d left these on the needles so long that I didn’t even have a hesitation towards frogging them.  I am excited to restart them as something else!

Big fat thanks to Beltway for bringing me the second winder and to Minnie for helping!

One thought on “If you want to destroy my sweater…

  1. Congrats! It can be a very liberating feeling, yes? I know I felt quite happy after I recently frogged 2 projects.

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