Hanami basketweave

As you can see, I’ve completed the basketweave portion of the stole.  I now start on the cherry blossom section.  I expect that this side will go a bit faster than the basketweave portion as that required so much concentration!

Picture 924

It is not readily visible on the picture, but each diamond section has a hematite bead in the very middle.  I am really looking forward to seeing this blocked out.

Bug in the car

Bug has taken to playing in the car when she gets the chance.  She came inside today to have lunch, and I smelled something strange.  I kept thinking that maybe J came home early or something, because it smelled like him suddenly in the house.  I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Then I realized that it was Bug.  So I asked her if she put on JJ’s cologne while she was in the car.  She said “Yes!  Because I love my JJ, he smells SOOO good!”