Old hat, New hat

I know I’ve been somewhat absentee this week.  I have literally not been home in the evening since last Saturday, so my blogging time has been very limited.  As has my picture taking time.

And the reason?  Well, for the last 10 years, I’ve been driving this:
My 10 yrs old Subaru

And, I’ve been happy about it!  My old hat has served me well, and I’ve loved it most of the time I’ve had it.  But I also knew that it was getting to be time to think about buying a new one.  This gave me fits of anxiety at first and I took my dad with me to search and test drive cars when I was last visiting them.  I was looking at subaru’s again, and then also at the honda fit and the honda civic.

I ended up choosing the civic for its gas mileage and its ability to still feel like a car when driving.  But then you know that the fun begins.  Now I’ve actually got to negotiate a price.  So I sat on my decision for at least a month.  After all, I was in no huge hurry to get a new car, I wasn’t desperate, I just knew it was about time.

Once I decided that now was a good time (indicated by the burning fluids now causing large puddles underneath my car AND the smoke from them feeding back into my air circulation system in my car, causing visible smoke) I contact 7 dealers.  One was in PA, and the rest in 3 states within a 3 hour radius.  My goal was to get them well below invoice price.

To do this, I decided I would get my quotes online.  I asked them for their lowest quotes and did not bring up that I might have a trade in at all.  I got one dealership on a low and firm quote by Monday afternoon.  Then I went in to check on my trade in.  I got a price they were willing to give me on that as well.  I then refused to put a deposit on the car to hold the car and went home.

The next day, I asked him a few more questions about the car, still feeling that his price was the best I’d be able to get.  By Tuesday afternoon I had almost put a deposit on the car and called up dealership #2 whom I had a trade in appointment with and told them the deal was done and I wasn’t coming in.  But then I asked myself what I was gaining by rushing this?  Not a thing.

I got a message from dealership #3, she told me they would make it worth my while if I’d just come in and let them talk to me.  I realized that dealership # 3 was the only one that had my truly desired color.  But, color was not of first importance.  So I decided to keep my appointment with dealership #2, and then visit dealership #3 later on that evening.

I went to dealership #2 where they were really scrambling for my business.  I got them to agree to $250 more on my trade in than the first dealership, and in the end I got them to drop the price of the car another $500, which was less than I ever imagined I’d spend on that car!  But of course, I had to agree to it that very moment.  Which I refused to do.  I did tell her I would call her on her cell later that night.

Then Bug and I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to dealer #3.  I told them that I was informed that they would beat the lowest price I brought in, and that the lowest price had changed.  I had them look at my trade in.  And then they started throwing numbers at me.  Now, math is not really my strong point, but I am not dumb either.  I know that I can work out the numbers given time and a piece of paper.  Which is when the following conversation took place:

Me:  I am not understanding where you are getting these numbers from, and they don’t look right to me.

Salesguy explains again.

Me: Something is still not sitting right with this.  Let me get my notebook.

I then proceed to write numbers down and do the math.

Me: I understand the price I want to be paying for the car, and the price I am getting for my trade in, so why does this extra $154 keep popping up and being added on to the total price?

Salesguy: That is for the price of the splashguards. We put splashguards on all our cars here, and we need to charge you for that.

Me: (fuming) Wait a second, you’ve got me all the way down here because you want to beat any other deal I’ve gotten, and you promised to make it worth my while, but now you want to dicker about splash guards?!?!  Which are already on the car?  When I can walk out of here right now, go back to dealership #2 and get this price?  The price I want to pay?  You’ve GOT to be kidding me! We are hot, tired and annoyed, don’t waste our time!

Salesguy: (looking sheepish) Let me go talk to my manager.

That little outburst got the splashguard price taken off my total and the price dropped another $100.  At which point I was just about ready to sign.  But…I thought I’d call the other dealerships first.  I gave them a call and they were pretty angry and would not match my price.  One of them sarcastically commented “It is great when you can find a dealer that will give a car away for free.)

So, in the end, I got the car I wanted, for a price I never imagined, in the exact color I loved.  And, I had fun in the process!  When I pulled out the paperwork for my old subaru, I realized that the cost of the new car was significantly less than I paid for my subaru 10 years ago.  But now I have a car with bells and whistles!

Let me tell you about the firsts!  This is my first new car.  First car with a moonroof.  First car with a CD player.  First car with cruise control.  First car with intermittent adjustable windshield wipers.  There are a lot of firsts with this car!

And now for your pictures….
Side view at home
The color is urban titanium metallic. The interior is beige, which will be nice after looking at gray for the last 10 yrs.
Front view at home
It is a very pretty little car, but roomier in the back than the subaru, and plenty of room in the front even for my dad.
Dashboard looks pretty cool too!
I had a little trouble putting it in my garage because it is a little bigger than the subaru, but the real problem is that I cannot see the end of the nose of the car. So there was a lot of stopping and looking to see if I had pulled forward enough. I am sure I will get used to it.

I loved my subaru, and really had trouble deciding not to buy another. It took a lot to move over to a honda. But in the end, the leg room in the back combined with the better gas mileage, honda won out. We will see if I become as thrilled with Honda as I was with Subaru.

3 thoughts on “Old hat, New hat

  1. Congratulations! It’s a really pretty car.
    Maybe you could but a tennis ball at the end of a long string of twine and hang it from the garage ceiling so it hits your car where it’s time to stop. Does that make sense? Jon has to do that for me or I always get it wrong!

    Enjoy your new baby!

  2. Congrats! I was very against getting a Handa at first because I wanted a made in the USA car but was made in the US. I have a Pilot and I love it. Enjot!

  3. i recognizethat little ditty! i’ve heardthat if you hang a pingpong ball from the ceiling exactly where you want to stop, and just hit it, you’ll eventually get it.

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