Another hobby

When we were kids, one of our favorite family outings was to go biking on the Erie Canal.  We grew up doing this and biking long distances at a fairly young age, and some of my best memories are of long days biking through small towns, and stopping to shop here and there.

When I grew up, I found that typical bikes hurt my already injured wrists, and I needed a very upright bike.  I invested in a very expensive (for me) bike and it has traveled with me ever since.  But, since I’ve had Bug, it has been rather neglected.

Enter O’Kathy, whom I knit with.  You see, we met during the winter, so we knit together frequently. But I kept hearing stories about how she would not be knitting as often in the summer because she would have to be biking.  And while it was to be expected, I couldn’t imagine how someone would want to bike instead of knit.

But, I underestimated the O’Kathy power of persuasion.  All it took was one Thursday evening bike ride and I was again hooked.  So now I find myself biking instead of knitting!

J was supposed to come home this evening and I was going down to the airport to pick him up.  Of course I was really excited about this, as I haven’t seen him in 3 weeks. But, I got a message on Saturday that his mother was too sad about his leaving and wanted him to stay another 2 weeks.  And of course while I understand his mothers heartbreak over having a son so far away, I myself felt a bit bereft because my plans were completely changed.

But then I started to think, what would I do?  Why, one of my favorite things.  I asked O’Kathy if she would be around and up for a bike ride and she, of course, said yes.  So 3 of us did 20 miles today, ending up with a leisurely lunch at my favorite bistro.  To be honest, I felt like I could go another 20 miles.  So, we’ve another ride planned tomorrow!

Conclusion, if you don’t see me knitting, I am probably biking.  LOL

Now, the event which O’Kathy pulled me in with is called the Taco Ride, which takes place around here every single Thursday evening.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to!  I didn’t realize that this event would have 1000-4000 people on it during the peak points of the year.  Imagine tons of people, all smiling, happy, and having fun!  You can’t beat it!

This Thursday she took some pictures, so I stole them off her camera (again!)

Picture 940

Picture 943

Picture 939