A dye day of our own

O’Kathy, Mary, and I decided awhile back that we needed to have a dye day where we experiment with different dyes and fibers and yarns and just have fun.  We’ve been trying to plan this for so long now, but getting 3 very busy women together for one day is almost impossible.  We finally came up with a day that O’kathy and I could do it, and Mary told us to go ahead and get started without her.

So Saturday was our day!  We ran errands in the morning, going to goodwill to pick up some equipment, and then over to a restaurant supply store for a few supplies.  My big score at goodwill was a huge dark roasting pan with lid, and a crock pot with a slightly broken lid.  The crock pot was one of these large ones with a removable insert, and for kettle dyeing, I didn’t figure I needed a lid all that much.

We then grabbed lunch, got back to my house, and began our day of dyeing.  We also had a friend, Becky, around as an extra set of hands and a bit of a distraction for the Bug.  Who really wanted to be in the middle of everything, when we really wanted her to be out of the kitchen.  LOL.

Picture 946

Blank yarn, O’kathy chose bamboo/wool blend for her sock weights

Picture 948

You can just see it, she wrote “Pedal” across this sock yarn in orange dye.

Picture 949

Then she finished dyeing it.

Picture 950

My blank merino fiber.  I have a lot of fiber left, but worked predominately with merino and merino/tencel on saturday.

Picture 952

Yarns soaking. I dyed laceweight.

Picture 953

Kettle dyeing in my new (to me) crock pot.

Picture 997

Which made this…2 gray tones linen/silk laceweight colorway Seattle Sky. Can’t wait to see how this knits up!

Picture 961

“Pedal” yarn soaking after its trip in the oven.

Picture 964

My 2 goodwill finds…I’ve discovered that the large dark roasting pan works well for solar dyeing in the heat of the sun, no need to turn on the oven!

Picture 966

Kettle dye in process, you can see some merino draining in the corner.

Picture 968

This picture shows us the insanity that is our dear O’Kathy.  She knit this sock blank holding 2 strands of yarn together, so she could dye it, and then reknit it into socks.  Nuts!

Picture 969

Yarn hanging on the porch, this is early on in the day.

Picture 970

Candid shot of Bug and Becky, Becky brought her dog, which amused the Bug greatly.

Picture 974

Candid of Bug and me, as I look terribly hot and gross.

Picture 975

Yarn hanging on the porch later in the day

Picture 976

Yarn everywhere!

Picture 977

Bug everywhere!

Picture 986

Some finished objects, this is merino/tencel colorway Georgia Arbor

Picture 989

Merino/tencel colorway The Monica

Picture 995

Linen/silk laceweight, kettle dyed. Colorway…heath?


O’Kathy’s yarns!  Even the mistakes came out beautifully.

I actually have more to post, but they need to be reskeined before I take pictures.  Some of these will go up in the etsy shop as soon as we get ourselves organized, but if you see a colorway you just have to have, let me know!  We will be doing this again, we had a ton of fun even if we were exhausted, and we learned so much!

One thought on “A dye day of our own

  1. I already told Kathy that I need to see her yarns again to see which ones I “need” to buy.

    It looks like a good time was had by all. I’d love to watch the process sometime!

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