Wahnananah BAT SHAWL!

I’ve got Sarah’s bat shawl to feature tonight, she did a really nice job on it.  And….Bug blocked it!  Dead serious.  I put the top wires in, and pulled the point to the bottom, and Bug put the rest of the pins in and blocked it out.  She was intense!  She’d pull a side out, and then the other side to match, then she would determine if it was good enough or if it had to be redone.  I’d hear her say “That was a really good one!” or “Let me try that one again.”  It was so cool!  Then this morning she pulled all the pins out, put them away, put the wires away, and folded up the shawl neatly “like a peanut butter sandwich.”  She got nervous because there was a little spring back to the yarn, but once I told her it was fine, she stopped worrying.

Isn’t this a perfect color for a bat shawl?

Picture 1001