I am dumb

New car dumb, that is.

I’ve not been driving the pretty new car because…well because it is pretty.  Too pretty to drive.

But last night I wanted to spend some time with friends, so I loaded Bug into the car and went over to see them.  It was a little late when we returned home, it was the first time I’d driven my car in the dark.

For the last 10 years I’ve driven my little subaru where the lights come on when I turn the car on, and the lights shut off when I turn the car off.

My new little car has some fog lights that are always on when the car is on.

I drove all the way home without turning on my lights. I complained that I could not see the radio to change the channel, and why was it so dark in the car, and when it is that dark in the car, the digital dashboard seemed so painfully bright!  I pulled in my driveway and sat there for a moment thinking “There has to be a way to see the radio at night!”  And I started fiddling with things.  Then all of a sudden “AAAhhh!  Lights!  Inside AND outside the car!”

New car dumb, thats me!