Something new to look at

I know that all I’ve been showing off lately is the Kauni.  And I know that this could make for some boring blogging (if the Kauni weren’t so fun!).

Bug’s birthday is at the end of July.  I’ve been itching to play with more rowan calmer after I made the luna moth shawl for my grandmother.  So I rather thought that a dress for Bug made from rowan calmer would be scrumptious!

On the other hand, I’ve only just realized that this will be her most expensive dress ever!  But it will be cute.  I think the beginning of it looks like flower petals.  Oddly, it is a boring knit in comparison with my other projects, so I feel like I am struggling to work on it.

Picture 1072

Steeking has been achieved

Because I took a steeking class last year at stitches midwest, this little endeavor really didn’t stress me out much.  But, this is the first time I attempted to steek a full project.

First I crocheted a chain over the stitches I was prepared to cut up.

Picture 1059

I then sewed down each side of that crocheted chain.

Picture 1060

I felt confident that one row of sewing would hold the sticky Kauni yarn, but I could easily have done a second reinforcing row if I was at all nervous.

Then I began to cut, which was a lot of fun!

Picture 1061

Picture 1062

Now it is open and I can pull the crochet chain scraps out.

And though you can still see the front of the cardigan has not yet been cut, but I plan to work the collar first.  But this does put me in a position where I can actually try it on and begin the sleeves.  (Don’t worry, it fits beautifully!)

Picture 1071

I suspect I’ll be attempting a more traditional fair isle soon enough! The steeking was fun.

Heat and Power

It is hot! Hot and humid and downright miserable.  And the hot humid air is making the weather unstable. Though I know this is typical for this time of year, we’ve had a surprisingly light severe weather season.  Now that it has begun, I need to get used to it again.

In the new building, we have what I refer to as the VoG. (Voice of G-d).  He warns us from time to time, and it always scares me! At least now I know when we are having tornado warnings, in the last building I’d never hear them, my boss would come tell me to leave my area and take shelter.  So yesterday I couldn’t even get to the road outside our building without glistening, such was the heat and humidity.  But then I hear VoG tell me we are under thunderstorm warning until 10 PM.  I packed up to leave and realize the temps have dropped 15 degrees at least, and it was suddenly windy.  What a relief!

We run errands, get home, and make dinner. At this point it begins to storm.  Now that Bug is a little older, I can get her to sit outside on the porch while it storms from time to time, even when she is scared.  So, now that the weather is cooler, we head out to sit outside and eat and watch the rain.  We aren’t out there for more than 2 minutes before we realize that we are going to have to get back inside.  There is no staying covered in this rain, the downpour is major and it is coming in at all sides, wind whipping about.  And, it is still quite a bit warmer outside than in.  We get inside, eat dinner, lights flicker.  But….looks like a save.  Lights flicker again, then go out.  Ah well, wonder how long it will take to fix that?

Now it is so dark that I cannot read, cannot see charts to knit, cannot see my stitches.  What to do, what to do?  Spin!  I finished up 4 oz. of Finn wool I had received from a swap partner early this year.  2 ply fingering weight 275 yards.

Picture 1055

Picture 1056

It took 3 hours to get our power back.  We had 2 major storms.  Bug played outside in between them when the rain was light.  Once the storms passed, the sun shown again and it heated right back up.  I had all the windows open to get some breeze at least.  My garden took a hit, 2 blossoms fell off my hot pepper plant, all my tomato stems broke, (though they will make it through) and the brand new basil which J bought for Bug is battered and bruised.  I lost a full crop of basil, but it is early in the season still, I should have more soon if it stays this warm.