Today was world wide knit in public day, or WWKIP day.  Now, I have never held much stock in having a day to do so when I would say it is a rare day that I do not knit in public.  But when Mary suggested knitting in public at a free outdoor blues concert, well, I just had to go!

O’Kathy and I decided to head downtown together at about 4:30 to stake out a spot and settle in.  Mary met us there after work.  We sat farily near the water so that Bug could enjoy the boats.

Picture 1020

O’Kathy brought these fantastic large sunhats which became a toy for the Bug:

Picture 1021

Picture 1022

And so we knit in public.  Drawing even more attention to ourselves with our silly hats.

Picture 1027

The bands were very good, they started with a blues school, younger kids playing and singing.  The guitar player had a surprisingly good and deep voice in addition to playing a mean guitar.  There was also a rockabilly band, a very bluesy one man band, a great sibling band, and the final act was a gal who sounded similar to Janis Joplin.  We didn’t hear much of her as it was getting late and we’d been there since 4:30ish, but she sounded good.

We will certainly be knitting in public again next month at the next free concert!  Bug enjoyed herself so much, and never once asked to go home though she was about asleep when we got back.  We will make a few changes, I will be purchasing a better chair for hauling out to such things, we will sit even closer to the water, we will remember our sunscreen, and we will hide food and water in our bags.  Because…$7 for a funnel cake?  Insanity!

It got increasingly crowded as the evening wore on, and I tried to take a little picture of how crowded it had gotten, but of course my camera does not have a panoramic shot!

Picture 1029

And what was I knitting?  I’ve started working with my Kauni yarn again, attempting a different pattern in a different way of lining up the color runs.

Picture 1028

It is a perfectly perfect KIP project!