Steeking has been achieved

Because I took a steeking class last year at stitches midwest, this little endeavor really didn’t stress me out much.  But, this is the first time I attempted to steek a full project.

First I crocheted a chain over the stitches I was prepared to cut up.

Picture 1059

I then sewed down each side of that crocheted chain.

Picture 1060

I felt confident that one row of sewing would hold the sticky Kauni yarn, but I could easily have done a second reinforcing row if I was at all nervous.

Then I began to cut, which was a lot of fun!

Picture 1061

Picture 1062

Now it is open and I can pull the crochet chain scraps out.

And though you can still see the front of the cardigan has not yet been cut, but I plan to work the collar first.  But this does put me in a position where I can actually try it on and begin the sleeves.  (Don’t worry, it fits beautifully!)

Picture 1071

I suspect I’ll be attempting a more traditional fair isle soon enough! The steeking was fun.

3 thoughts on “Steeking has been achieved

  1. Shells, you are so very brave! *And* talented! I can’t believe how quickly you knit up a stranded project; your magic fingers need to be insured!

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