Something new to look at

I know that all I’ve been showing off lately is the Kauni.  And I know that this could make for some boring blogging (if the Kauni weren’t so fun!).

Bug’s birthday is at the end of July.  I’ve been itching to play with more rowan calmer after I made the luna moth shawl for my grandmother.  So I rather thought that a dress for Bug made from rowan calmer would be scrumptious!

On the other hand, I’ve only just realized that this will be her most expensive dress ever!  But it will be cute.  I think the beginning of it looks like flower petals.  Oddly, it is a boring knit in comparison with my other projects, so I feel like I am struggling to work on it.

Picture 1072

3 thoughts on “Something new to look at

  1. Calmer really is a nice yarn. I know what you mean about suddenly realizing how much something cost. My purple vest, if I hadn’t found the yarn on sale, would have cost $99! Yow! And that is why the second one I am making for someone else is NOT from that yarn.

  2. Suna-yes, finding it on sale is the way to go! I think though that calmer would just feel so good against the skin, I couldn’t resist! Trying to elongate the dress to see if I can get it to fit for the next couple years.

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