Tour de Fleece

It is now day 3 of Tour de Fleece, and I have failed to post any pictures at all!  My progress thus far has been to finish up a skein of jacobs fleece roving.  It is undyed and absolutely rich and gorgeous.  It still has some lanolin in it, but I’ve never minded a more raw feel to my wool.  This is a 2 ply which is rustic, somewhat thick and thin, and very earthy. 90 yards of worsted to bulky weight yarn.

Picture 1075

As I was pulling this off the wheel, Bug decided that this reminded her of JJ’s sweaters.  I thought that was an interesting observation.  Unfortunately, she decided I should be knitting him a sweater out of it, though there is just not enough.  After trying to understand how much yarn it takes to knit a sweater, she decided a hat would be better.  I don’t know if she will get her wish or not, but it really is some lovely wool!

As for progress pictures, I’ve been working on some falkland roving which I am considering plying with some silk.  What do you think?  I am not sure that the pinks really do go well enough together to try it, but I am not thrilled to pieces over either roving so I’d be willing to give it a try.

Picture 1076

And on that note, I really should do some dishes and make some dinner.  I really cannot spin all day can I?