Bug’s new dress part 2

Bug has yet to figure out that this tube I am knitting on quite maniacally is actually for her.  I’d like to keep it that way.  Unfortunately this means I cannot try it on her as I am knitting along, so it is anyone’s guess as to if it will fit her.

I’ve finished the skirt portion, and with blocking I am hoping it will be long enough.  I’ve begun the daisy pattern, and as is typical for me, I didn’t follow the instructions quite right, so there is a mistake.  I think it is well covered and I am not going to change it.  Takes quite a bit of looking to notice it.  I’ve actually accomplished all the suggested repeats, but I am going to elongate the bodice as well since Bug is just so tall.  I am fairly certain, even with Tour de Fleece, that I can have this one done by the weekend.  And then in knitting I am back to two long term projects that are starting to bore me a bit.  I suppose that means more spinning!

Picture 1077