To the Cox Communications service dude.

Lately life has been pretty good. Funny though, how even when life is good, it is marred by small issues which are not your own. There are 3 in the past week and a half which have been bothering me, and so I’ve decided to compose a small rant about each one to get it off my chest. The first of this series involves Cox Communications.

To the Cox Communications service guy whom I found parked in my driveway upon my arrival home from work with Bug in the car. Perhaps you felt that my tiny driveway was a great place to park your huge service van, but I respectfully disagree. That driveway is my access to my garage, and upon arrival home from work, I would like to have it free for my use. I am sure, what with you driving all day, you can understand how tired one gets at the end of a long work day and how moody one might feel. Furthermore, I’ve truly failed to understand, even upon thinking it over for a week, why you chose not to park in the street when there was lots of space and the pole which you’d need to access to finish your work.

It was, as I mentioned, a surprise to see you there. In fact, it was a surprise because I am not having any trouble with my internet, and I do not have cable TV. But, when I told you to move your vehicle you kindly let me know why you were there, to remove a cable phone box which I had never used. Unfortunately, it was also at that time which you informed me that rather than you moving your own vehicle, I should just drive around the block for a few minutes while you finished up. Wait…what??? Did I hear that correctly? Oh, I did? Well ok then. I am sure you were satisfied for a moment or two when I drove off, but much to your chagrin I didn’t go very far. Rather I thought I’d surprise you as well, by turning around and parking right in front of the pole you were going to need to access. And then climbing out of my car with a notepad and pen and writing down the ID code of your van. If I hadn’t been so tired and annoyed, it would have been amusing to see how fast you ran back down my hill and into your van to move it. Thanks for that, but it was a little late.

So, yes, if you got in trouble for that little incident, it is all my fault. Let me tell you, your supervisor was MOST apologetic. Really you are both lucky I didn’t chicken out and call the cops right from the start. I do tend to avoid such confrontation and let someone else handle it. Next time, I will call them first.

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