To the neighbor with the touchy car alarm

For the past week, every night between 2:30 AM and 4:30 AM your car alarm has woken me up.  Now, I realize I am a light sleeper, and I am often wakeful, but since your alarm goes off for 15 minutes in a quiet neighborhood, it also wakes the Bug.  The first time it happened I awoke with adrenaline pumping thinking it was my own car, and completely embarrassed that I might be waking my neighbors in this quiet and kind area of the city.  Apparently though, you have no such qualms.  Or you have a much nicer house than I do, with central air and a great deal of insulation, causing you to not even hear what is going on outside.  For at least 15 minutes.  Every night.  Or you are a particularly heavy sleeper.

You bring back such fond memories of college dorm life.  Those memories of a roommate who thinks she can get up for an 8 AM class but then lets her alarm snooze from 7AM to 10:30AM.  Every single morning.  Or marriage, when he would get a call to work in the middle of the night, yet I’d be the one awake and making sure he got out of bed at the appropriate time.  Same alarm clock routine.

So after realizing this, you may understand that I have an overwhelming urge, at 2:30 AM, to get dressed and go find your car.  Imagine your surprise to actually find someone standing next to it as the alarm continues to sound.  Don’t worry, I’ve no temptation at all to do something to cause it to sound, I just want my sleep.  Sleep for me, and sleep for my daughter.  This isn’t NYC after all, just a quiet community of light sleepers.

(I’ve not resolved this issue yet, any suggestions from readers would be greatly appreciated!)

3 thoughts on “To the neighbor with the touchy car alarm

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