Status update

I’ve got a whole bunch of fibery stuff to show off today.  First of all, I finished my first madder rib sock.  These will be for J providing they fit him.

Picture 1084

The yarn is reynolds soft sea wool.  It isn’t my favorite, but I am hoping it makes a long wearing sock.

And I have a TdF update, this is what I spun yesterday:

Picture 1081

I have a whole lot more where that came from!  I’ll spin a bit more on this bobbin and then ply, so I should have a finished hank to show off tomorrow.  This is actually a “wip” spinning project, as I’d spun some up earlier this year and need to finish the rest!

And, I received batts in the mail!  Some lovely merino and sea cell batts I won in my swap club contest:

Picture 1085

And for this months swap I received 2 colors of batts.  The blue batt is comprised of wool (turquiose), alpaca (blue), angora (purple) and silk (chartreuse).  The undyed is wool, natural colored cotton, hemp and silk

Picture 1082

What great packages to receive during TdF!

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