Getting there

I haven’t done as much spinning as I had anticipated today though I did put in my hour.  Instead I decided to get moving on Bugs new dress.  I finished the knitting portion and then we headed over to the yarn shop to trade in one of the extra balls of yarn for a contrast color.

I must mention that poor Bug has been sick today, throwing up more than I’ve ever seen her do before.  I had been getting quite concerned, but around 12:30 she suddenly decided she was better and not pukey anymore so I decided we should get out of the house for a bit.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, we will see…) the trip exhausted her and she slept all afternoon.  As she napped this morning too, I know that she is well and truly sick and staying home today was wise.  I only just woke her up, but she has decided that she could eat a popsicle, which is the first of anything except water she has had in her stomach since last night.

I had started out the day thinking I would have extra time for knitting and spinning, but the reality of emptying buckets and holding back hair and worrying was a bit different than I had anticipated.  So working on the dress was a good alternative.  I’ve added the contrast color to the picture so you can see it, now we just wait for it to dry!

I actually had to be somewhat firm with the gal at the yarn shop.  I had taken the dress in and Bug had mentioned that it was a little tight.  I said I’d fix it with a good blocking.  So the gal who rang me up asked if it would have a crocheted edge.  I told her it would after I blocked it.  She insisted that I should block it after I crocheted the edge as crochet curls.  I gently let her know that if it needed 2 blockings that would be ok, but the nature of crochet is that it is inelastic.  If I don’t get the length and width I need BEFORE I add the crochet edging, I am highly unlikely to get it after I add it.  Poor gal, she looked at me rather stumped and just said “oohh….”

Picture 1087

Tour de Fleece day 7

I am home unexpectedly this morning as Bug is sick.  At least this means I can get some spinning done!

This is the finished product of what was on the wheel yesteday:

Picture 1086

Lorna’s Laces wooltop.  I haven’t counted yardage as it isn’t quite dry.  I have so much more of this to spin! But, I won’t bore you with two in a row, I’ll spin something else first.