A simple pair of socks

Really sometimes that is all I can handle, and this weekend was one of those weekends.  So rather than pushing myself, I just went ahead and finished these Madder Ribbed socks.

Picture 1131

I used reynolds soft sea wool as my yarn, can’t say I’ll do that again.  I made them for my J, but realized later that this wasn’t a good choice of yarn, as he will have to remember to hand wash them.  I am fairly certain that they will get shrunk in the washer.  Which will upset him greatly.  He does think it is the most perfect color though.

One thought on “A simple pair of socks

  1. every man should learn to hand wash his socks. good for the soul!lol I can’t get Hubby to wash his but I have gotten him to put them in a dirty hand knit sock bag in the laundary room so I can wash them.

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