The Bug conversations

To set the scene, Bug and I are looking at her calendar, making her aware of all the goings on in her life.

Me: And Bug, on this day, Nana is coming to visit.

Bug: Really?  I can’t WAIT!

Me: And on this day, JJ and Mommy need to go on the plane, you and Nana will take us to the airport (I knew the airport thing would cause problems).

Bug: WHY!?!?!

Me: Because I need to take JJ to the hospital in another city, we need to get his knee worked on again.

Bug: Oh, well, you will come back right?

Me: Yes, absolutely, we are coming back on this day…right before you go to school.

Bug: So you aren’t leaving me forever?

Me: Of course not! I’ll come back just as soon as I can, and you can play with Nana in the meantime.

Bug: You are not sick right?

Me: No love, we just have to go to have a doctor fix JJ’s knee.

Bug: So JJ is not sick either, this is just about the knee.

Me:  Right, everything is fine, we just want him to get his knee fixed so he can go biking with us.

Bug: Well, that’s ok then, because Nana will take REALLY good care of me!!!

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