Happy Birthday, Birthday Bug!

knits 049

We threw a little party for Bug last night, complete with ice cream cake…and a tiara and boa!

knits 050

The boa was quickly deemed “too scratchy” so it got the back burner.  The tiara (actually there were 2, thanks to Corrie not being able to choose between them) was a very big hit!  Our theme for gifts were books which we loved when we were children.  Books that are in it for the long haul.  I know Bug will be a “reader” someday, it is easy to see, so I thought these would be the most appropriate and well loved gifts for a kid going into kindergarten.  Furthermore, she already has more than enough toys.

knits 057

knits 056

knits 055

knits 054

Just a snippet of the fine books chosen for her!  This comes as no surprise because if there is one thing that my friends and I share besides knitting, it is our love for reading!  A love for books which goes back to Bug’s age and sustained us long term.

knits 053

The cake, which Bug didn’t feel she had much time for, was deemed more than delish by us adults.

Soon Bug decided she’d like to practice her photography skills, and make each one of us a princess in the process.

Carrie as a princess:

knits 059

Kristen as a princess: (probably the most regal looking of us all)

knits 061

Kathy as a princess:

knits 062

Corrie as a princess: (and ultimately we have HER to thank for these lovely pictures!)

knits 063

Sarah as the “come hither princess”:

knits 065

Me, looking a bit more like a queen as I was at the time admonishing Bug to keep her fingers out of the way of the camera lens.  Which obviously was NOT the problem I thought it was:

knits 064

And the absolute highlight of the night for us gals, Grant as a princess:

knits 058

OK ok, Grant might win in the regal looking department, he just needs that boa!

Thanks guys!  I had a really great time, and obviously Bug did too!  I am really excited to dig into some childrens books which I haven’t even read, and I am sure Nana will get good use out of them too when she comes for a visit.  When Bug and I got home last night, the first thing she did was lovingly set all her books up on her bookshelf in a place of honor.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Birthday Bug!

  1. That sure looks a blast! Great pictures and write-up! Bug seems really happy and pleased with her books. It’s amazing how all kids have the same radiant look on their faces on their birthdays 😀

  2. You are making it harder and harder not to pack up and move to Nebraska! Bug is so adorable yet looking so very grown up! I love the gift theme and I must admit to still having some books on my shelves from that age; I bet she is going to cherish them. I definitely got a big kick out of Bug’s Royal Court as well :-P.

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