A ride for Bug

So all summer long Bug and I have been attempting to convince her dad to give us back the bike trailer.  After all, I’ve been biking quite a bit this summer and it would be great to have her along.  Additionally I had it on pretty good order that he was not using it. (Since it was in pieces in two different homes, neither of which was his own.)  We bugged, pleaded, and cajoled, and J even decided that we should just purchase a new one since it was becoming such a hassle to get the old one back.  But I didn’t want to do that, as Bug will really only be in a trailer for a short time.  About a month ago I got one piece of the trailer back.  It took another month to get the rest.  But…we have it and tonight I took Bug on her first ride of the season.

Picture 1136

As you can clearly see, she barely fits in the trailer anymore.  Originally we had thought that Orangekathy would pull her in order to slow O’kathy down a bit.  But we soon figured out that the hitch didn’t really work that way.  So, I ended up doing the pulling.  I guess I shouldn’t have done those 21 flights of stairs today?

The entire ride was a little sketchy since it kept threatening to rain.  We cut it fairly short because of this, and that was probably good as my legs were exhausted, hips and knees a bit sore.  I think the trouble is that I need to learn to gear it WAY down when I am pulling her.

Picture 1137

Bug, perfectly content in her “small space,” got very annoyed with us and almost teary when we told her we needed to stop.  I heard about it the entire way home, how it was not raining, it didn’t rain, and she knew that dark threatening cloud wasn’t going to rain.  I promised her a ride next week.

Picture 1138

I may yet regret this…

In other biking and Bug news, we received a used tow bike for free today!  I was thrilled to pieces over this fact!  Bug wants nothing at all to do with it, but I can’t wait to see her use it! I mean, a little help on the hills already!