At Last

After 2 years on the needles, my mystic waters shawl is finally complete.  It is done in silk from Textiles a Manos. It took about 1100 yards.  It has small beads scattered throughout.  I suspect if I had not done to beads I would have been done much sooner.  I am so extremely happy to be finished that I am almost inspired to work on another bane project.  Almost.  Perhaps I’ll work on something else for awhile though.

Picture 054

Picture 058

Picture 057

Picture 056

This and That

Since my sink looks like this:

Picture 046

Instead, I’ll show you that:

Picture 045

This is mystic waters off the needles after 2 years. Quite the accomplishment. It is soaking and we plan to block it tonight.  That is a new cardigan I’ve been playing with.  Indian Summer Cardigan from Inspired to Knit.  I am working it in lamb’s pride worsted which has been in my stash longer than I’ve been knitting.  Another accomplishment if you ask me!

I’m Baaack

So, I know, I’ve neglected the blog.  I’ll own up to it.  I am well aware of it, but I just couldn’t muster the time!

The schedule lately has been a bit like this:

6:00 Get up and get ready for work

6:45 Get Bug up and get ready for school

7-7:30 Get Bug to school, get to work

7:30-4 Put in a full day of work

4-4:30 Leave work, pick up Bug from School

4:30 Get home, take care of J, wade through school stuff for Bug, prepare for the next day.  Make dinner and tea.  Clean up.  Take J and Bug out of the house since J has been cooped up all day. Take care of J’s wound. Grocery shop.

8:30 Get Bug ready for bed and prepared for school the next day. Get her to bed.

9:30 Fall into bed with an absolute crash after having tea with J.

Next day: repeat process.

As you can see, not much time for blogging or any internet access at all in there!  I just couldn’t manage it.  In fact, I couldn’t even get knitting done.  Sometimes I’d read a page or two of my book if we were at a coffee shop.

But, J has had to return home for meetings and Bug and I are in the process of putting our house back in order and finding our own schedule.  I am not going to assure myself that life has slowed down, but I do think I’ll have a few moments to do some of the things I like to do.

But tonight?  Again, no knitting.  It takes about a week for Bug to turn from excited about a new situation to anxious about it, feeling the transition.  We are at that point.  Yesterday was not a great day for her.  She came home from school, J was no longer there, and she was in tears a good portion of the evening.  The basic problem is that she is adjusting to new rules and routines and this seems to be a bit of a struggle right now.  She’ll get it, but we have to go through the growing pains first.

The before and after school care, which somehow I had become most concerned about, have become her favorite parts of the day.  She doesn’t really want me to come get her unless she can unwind in after school care first.  And every morning she makes sure we are leaving early enough for before school care.

In any case, tonight is Bugs night.  As much reading as she wants, as many games of “go fish” as she wants, and whatever she wants to eat.  The night is hers.  The only thing we have to do is clean up a bit and block a shawl. And after that, I promise to get back to blogging a bit more regularly.  I am not even kidding.  🙂

The most boring blogger.

Yep, that is me!

J is still in town and keeps extending his stay.  Which is great, because I think it is better for him to be where he can be taken care of a bit.  But, I don’t really knit at home right now.  I don’t have the time for it because by the time I get home, J has been sitting at home all day and wants to go somewhere.  Anywhere really as long as he gets out of the house.  So, knitting progress is almost nonexistent.

On the other hand, I do still get a bit of time to knit during the day on break from work, which is why I’ve been working on a simple sock.  It seems like a good time of the year to do it since it is nice and cool in the mornings and I feel like autumn may be fast approaching.  Nothing like a new pair of handknit socks to herald in the cooler weather.


This is a pair of francie’s for me, in koigu PPPM.  I am trying a pattern I enjoy in a yarn I love in hopes to rekindle my love for sock knitting which has been sadly lacking lately.


Bug has come up with some fun new words lately.  They’ve kept Mom and I laughing quite a bit.

When we returned from Vail she wanted to mother J a little.  So she took to getting his crutches for him. She told him “Let me get your stilts for you!”

Mom taught her to play “Go Fish” and she is avidly playing and following rules now.  She loves this little game and is quite quick to catch on to listening to who has asked for what so she can get as many matches as possible.  This is not overly surprising since both my family and her fathers family are avid card players.  What does surprise me is that she is not so competitive and really likes to encourage other players just as much as she likes to win.  I love this gracious spirit!

But the best part?  When she asks someone to shuffle for her she says “Can you freckle these?”

The Big Trip

All went well in Vail.  Surprisingly there was not the opportunity for internet access that I expected, which caused for my unexpected “blog blackout.”  Due to the nature of our trip, I actually did not see much of Vail, so we hope to return someday and explore it more thoroughly.

Once we got to Vail we had the opportunity to upgrade to a very comfortable condo style room with 2 levels and a full kitchen.  This helped a lot since I could prepare food myself rather than trying to bring in take out.  I did manage to take some pictures from our balcony:

knits 003

knits 002

knits 001

And we got a final picture in the parking lot right before we drove back to Denver.  This is me wearing my woven scarf which is my Vail souvenir:

knits 005

The drive up to Vail from Denver was tiring but rather fun.  I think that it didn’t differ much from the area I grew up in, lots of winding roads, steep grades, and tunnels through mountains.  I particularly enjoyed seeing some snow on the mountains.  The blight which is killing the pine trees was a bit sad to observe.

I did take some time to drive up another mountain on a back road during some free time and afternoon exploring in a small town west of Vail.  I’d have done it again but since it rained the next 2 days, I decided to wait.

I finished all but a last row and a cast off of my swallowtail shawl during this trip as well as half a book.  Swallowtail must be a fast knit because I barely felt like I had time to knit.  Since it is not blocked, I’ll show it off next week.  Life is still crazy busy around here with little time for hobbies.