A Case of the “If Only’s”

So I’ve been working on this shawl.  With 1400 yards of handdyed linen/silk laceweight.  What should be more than enough.

Picture 1139

Um…apparently not.  Apparently I am just a yard short.  Which is extremely disappointing!  There is no sense trying to track down the base yarn for this tiny amount, which led to my case of the If Onlys.

If only I had slipped the first stitch of each row, then I’d have enough.

If only I had not chosen to knit a row before I started the pattern, then I’d have enough.

If only I had not dyed ALL the linen/silk base, then I could dye some more.

But, that just isn’t the case and I needed a solution.  I had originally intended to spin some merino into laceweight and then dye it, but I really wanted to finish this weekend.

After talking it over with Ummeyusuf for a bit, we decided that I could perhaps dye some plain cotton crochet thread for the last tiny bit.  Now, I knew the cotton would not take the dye in the way the linen/silk would, nor would it be scrumptious and soft, but I thought I could make it work.

So I dyed up some cotton, I had to add tea to the dye bath because the white crochet cotton was so very white.  And I ended up with this:

Picture 1140

Stay tuned to see how it worked out!