All the Answers

At work I am known for being the person who has all the answers.  If I don’t have the answer they are looking for, I know whom they can contact to get the answer.  It is my job, but even more it is my identity here.  What makes me laugh is that all it has taken for me to become “the answer woman” is being observant and asking questions.  I like to think I train my students to learn how to gather the information they will need in the future, so I encourage them to ask me questions so I can point them in the right direction to receive their own answers.

So a common theme I overhear in the hallways or in the labs is “Ask Shells, she’ll know who to call!”

Today I apparently proved myself the answer woman beyond all shadow of a doubt when the following IM conversation took place:

Student:  Shells, is the network slow today or what?

Me: Not that I am aware of, everything is working fine on my end.

Student: Oh, maybe it is just my computer.

Me: (starting to get suspicious of why he thinks the network is slow) What exactly is running slow for you?

Student: Um…(sheepishly) I am not getting my twitter updates as I usually do.

Me: (providing a link to the related article) Twitter has been down all morning. It just came back up.

Student: Man, you truly DO have all the answers!