The Bane Challenge

Our friend Phyllis came up with a fantastic new challenge for us.  The Bane Challenge.  Where we knit on the projects that have become the bane of our existence once a week.  I, of course, have a few bane projects left from my super uber cast on crazy woman phase.

So I picked the one which has been on the needles the longest.  And to be honest, I’ve been working on it more than once a week, because I really am nearing the end.

Mystic Waters:

Picture 1150

Additionally, even though I am not sure it can be considered a bane project, I’ve been working on the kauni only when I have others around to entertain me.  Somehow the desire to work on it has slowed considerably. I am finally nearing the end of the first sleeve, and will take this with me on my upcoming trip in order to see how far I can get in a short amount of time.

Picture 1149

My biggest question now is if I want the sleeves to match or not.  I think…maybe not.  Because I’ll be missing too many colors if I match them.

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