A shawl for a trip

As most of you know, we are headed to Vail tomorrow.  Since I have become quite annoyed with all my sock knitting, I decided I needed a specific project to tide me over on the trip (in addition to the kauni, which will go with me.)  I know that everyone has done the swallowtail shawl, but I have not.  I’ve decided to do it in a fingering weight yarn, and knit it as written.  This should give me a smaller shawl to use as a scarf in the winter.  I’ll be using mountain colors bearfoot, which is a new yarn to me.  I am hoping to have enough left over for a matching pair of glove and…if I am truly lucky…a hat.

The swallowtail is a perfect project since it both knits up quickly and isn’t so terribly complicated that I would have to tink frequently.  It will satisfy my lace knitting need, be a good project for the plane, and by the time I get home I should be seeing significant progress.

It was, of course, necessary to get it started already, so take a look!

Picture 1151