First day

It is Bug’s first day of school.  What comes as great excitement for her comes with a great deal of melancholy for me!

knits 008

knits 009

knits 010

I have to admit though, looking at her pictures brings back that first day feeling…new clothes, new shoes, new backpack, new school.  It isn’t a bad feeling as a kid!

6 thoughts on “First day

  1. When I wasn’t crying, which was frequent, I was trying not to. I had NO idea it would hit me that hard. I worried that this would cause her anxiety…(i.e.; what kind of terrible things are going to happen to me that mom would cry so hard?!?) but fortunately she was too excited to notice.

  2. This was the first year in 10 that I didn’t cry taking the kids the first day. When they were smaller, I’d bite my lip a lot and after I dropped them off, I’d park somewhere and cry my eyes out. That first day every year seems to remind me more and more of how fast it’s all going and how soon they’ll be grown and gone.

    Your daughter looked darling for her first day and I sincerely hope she got the best teacher in the world and that she has a fantastic year!!

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