The Big Trip

All went well in Vail.  Surprisingly there was not the opportunity for internet access that I expected, which caused for my unexpected “blog blackout.”  Due to the nature of our trip, I actually did not see much of Vail, so we hope to return someday and explore it more thoroughly.

Once we got to Vail we had the opportunity to upgrade to a very comfortable condo style room with 2 levels and a full kitchen.  This helped a lot since I could prepare food myself rather than trying to bring in take out.  I did manage to take some pictures from our balcony:

knits 003

knits 002

knits 001

And we got a final picture in the parking lot right before we drove back to Denver.  This is me wearing my woven scarf which is my Vail souvenir:

knits 005

The drive up to Vail from Denver was tiring but rather fun.  I think that it didn’t differ much from the area I grew up in, lots of winding roads, steep grades, and tunnels through mountains.  I particularly enjoyed seeing some snow on the mountains.  The blight which is killing the pine trees was a bit sad to observe.

I did take some time to drive up another mountain on a back road during some free time and afternoon exploring in a small town west of Vail.  I’d have done it again but since it rained the next 2 days, I decided to wait.

I finished all but a last row and a cast off of my swallowtail shawl during this trip as well as half a book.  Swallowtail must be a fast knit because I barely felt like I had time to knit.  Since it is not blocked, I’ll show it off next week.  Life is still crazy busy around here with little time for hobbies.

4 thoughts on “The Big Trip

  1. We’re in Vail right now. I love the cold nights and sunny days. Did you make it to The Yarn Studio in Minturn? It’s only about 5 miles away, and very interesting.

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