Bug has come up with some fun new words lately.  They’ve kept Mom and I laughing quite a bit.

When we returned from Vail she wanted to mother J a little.  So she took to getting his crutches for him. She told him “Let me get your stilts for you!”

Mom taught her to play “Go Fish” and she is avidly playing and following rules now.  She loves this little game and is quite quick to catch on to listening to who has asked for what so she can get as many matches as possible.  This is not overly surprising since both my family and her fathers family are avid card players.  What does surprise me is that she is not so competitive and really likes to encourage other players just as much as she likes to win.  I love this gracious spirit!

But the best part?  When she asks someone to shuffle for her she says “Can you freckle these?”