I’m Baaack

So, I know, I’ve neglected the blog.  I’ll own up to it.  I am well aware of it, but I just couldn’t muster the time!

The schedule lately has been a bit like this:

6:00 Get up and get ready for work

6:45 Get Bug up and get ready for school

7-7:30 Get Bug to school, get to work

7:30-4 Put in a full day of work

4-4:30 Leave work, pick up Bug from School

4:30 Get home, take care of J, wade through school stuff for Bug, prepare for the next day.  Make dinner and tea.  Clean up.  Take J and Bug out of the house since J has been cooped up all day. Take care of J’s wound. Grocery shop.

8:30 Get Bug ready for bed and prepared for school the next day. Get her to bed.

9:30 Fall into bed with an absolute crash after having tea with J.

Next day: repeat process.

As you can see, not much time for blogging or any internet access at all in there!  I just couldn’t manage it.  In fact, I couldn’t even get knitting done.  Sometimes I’d read a page or two of my book if we were at a coffee shop.

But, J has had to return home for meetings and Bug and I are in the process of putting our house back in order and finding our own schedule.  I am not going to assure myself that life has slowed down, but I do think I’ll have a few moments to do some of the things I like to do.

But tonight?  Again, no knitting.  It takes about a week for Bug to turn from excited about a new situation to anxious about it, feeling the transition.  We are at that point.  Yesterday was not a great day for her.  She came home from school, J was no longer there, and she was in tears a good portion of the evening.  The basic problem is that she is adjusting to new rules and routines and this seems to be a bit of a struggle right now.  She’ll get it, but we have to go through the growing pains first.

The before and after school care, which somehow I had become most concerned about, have become her favorite parts of the day.  She doesn’t really want me to come get her unless she can unwind in after school care first.  And every morning she makes sure we are leaving early enough for before school care.

In any case, tonight is Bugs night.  As much reading as she wants, as many games of “go fish” as she wants, and whatever she wants to eat.  The night is hers.  The only thing we have to do is clean up a bit and block a shawl. And after that, I promise to get back to blogging a bit more regularly.  I am not even kidding.  🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m Baaack

  1. Back to school presents more work for parents than the kids I think. Apparently I’ve missed what is wrong with J, but I hope he’s recovered and feeling tip-top soon! (For your sake as much as his- men are terrible patients 🙂 )

  2. He had his knee worked on again, but this time they’ve really insisted he stay off of it. Fortunately as far as men patients go, he is one of the easiest, rarely feels pain. The most trouble comes from being stuck in the house all day. So we strive to take him out in the evenings (at the time I most want to come home and crash). He’s got about 4 more weeks of sedentary lifestyle but since he is home now, I won’t feel the full brunt of it.

    We got a surgery video though, it was so cool!

  3. Glad it went well & very glad to hear recovery is going well ! Now, hopefully *you* can recover (and go home and crash at least every now & then). I don’t think anything is worse than trying to make a busy, on-the-go sort of guy sit still. My dad is that type and after he had open heart surgery, I thought we were going to have to sedate him to keep him still for a few weeks. Good luck to J on a super speedy recovery!

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