I’ve got a sunny theme going lately.  I needed some yellow yarn for our September mystery sock.  It was really hard to find the right color yellow, one which I could actually accept wearing.  But, I found it at craftsmeow on etsy.  This is soft serve sock in butterscotch.  This sock is turning into the next monkey, the lace pattern is really fantastic fun to work!
Picture 075

And of course, it has been tough to wait on posting this, but the Sunburst coat which I’ve been test knitting is done!  Actually, its been done for a long time, but it took 3 days to dry.  It is lovely and the blocking did exactly what I had hoped, which was even out my maniacal stitches.

Picture 067

Picture 068

This coat is fantastic!  I knit it in size 6.  Bug is so pleased that she won’t take it off.  She thinks it is very very special (which it is) and wants to wear it all the time.  She looks absolutely adorable in it!