Bug’s Monkeys

I tried to make some monkey socks for my mom.

Let’s demonstrate the problem.  Monkey’s on me:

Picture 094

On Bug:

Picture 095

They fit her perfectly, they are painful on me.  Sorry Mom!  Bug tells me I will need to find you some new yarn because she has claimed them.  On the other hand, they were a little wild, colorwise, anyhow.

2 thoughts on “Bug’s Monkeys

  1. LOL! It seems that her feet are only about 2 inches shorter than mine. I had contemplated finding someone with smaller feet than mine to give them to, and then I thought of trying them on Bug. I really did not expect them to FIT!

    She is wearing 10.5 or 11 I think, and I suspect another growth spurt is on its way, she gets a double chin right before she shoots up, and she’s got the double chin again.

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