World Wide Spin in Public Day

Arrr, today is world wide spin in public day, which coincidentally falls on Talk Like a Pirate day. Gar.  Aye, my spinnin’ was all done on my porch as it is the first day I”e had in ages t’ just be at home with just the Bug. Gar. Arrr, She played, Me spun, and we had a lo’ely mornin’. Arrr, me am workin’ on a batt which has wool, alpaca, silk, and angora. Gar. Ahoy, the yarn is comin’ out a bit slubby so when I ply it, it should have an intarstin’ effect. Aye, the colors on this batt be just stunnin’, argh! A pence for an old man o’de sea?

Picture 099