Handspun Patent Stitch Scarf

This may have been the perfect project for my handspun, as the plain color really shows off the changing colors in the handspun yarn.  As you can see, it is reversible.  The side with the ultra alpaca held double is a soft side which is great around the neck while showcasing the color side.  When I completed this scarf it was a bit too small, perhaps 4 feet long.  I was rather concerned, but it blocked out to more than 5 feet which is quite a satisfactory scarf length.  Pattern is my own devising, I used US 10.5 needles and I believe I cast on 16 stitches.  Very loosely.  This scarf took just 5 days to knit, and I did not work on it exclusively.


It goes to J this weekend.  This is a cop out since I typically knit him a sweater this time of the year.  I just haven’t had the time, so this will have to do for now.