What is it? What is it for? Episode 1

Picture 102

Since I don’t have a lot of interesting knitting to post, and not much to say quite frankly, I thought I’d start a new line of posts.  When I post one of these, I am either uninspired to take pictures, or at a point where picture taking would be boring for you.

This is Berroco Lustra.  I believe it is a new line from Berroco.  Worsted weight with the addition of tencel to the wool which makes it shimmer and gives it depth.  I picked it up at stitches midwest from the Webs booth.  It comes 197 yards per hank.  I chose this because J often complains of the lack of depth of color in the wools I choose.  I just didn’t think he could complain about this yarn, though I haven’t shown it to him yet.

What is it for?  It is for a Spartan Pullover. I thought J would like this design. He wanted a gray sweater, but as is typical for me, I could not resist the addition of red.

No, I don’t really know when I’ll get started.  It has been a very busy week and I cannot manage much beyond sock knitting.  So it may be awhile.

2 thoughts on “What is it? What is it for? Episode 1

  1. the red will make a nice contrast to the grey, without it being too obvious, and definitely guy-friendly. still trying to gird my loins to seam up liam’s sweater

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