Fox Faces

My yellow mystery socks turned out to be called fox face socks, which is a surprising tongue twister let me tell you!

I ended up pulling out the toe of the first sock as I’d messed it up badly. After thinking it over for a week, I realized I just couldn’t live with it. I switched to a round toe which suits me better anyhow.

These are a fantastic pair of socks, they were great fun to knit and I suspect I’ll be doing so again.

Picture 137

With Purple Socks

My dear friend Sav sent me a very tiny sock blocker keychain and tiny sock pattern quite some time ago.  I just had no cause to knit little tiny socks, so I didn’t use it.  But this year I got the idea to knit some itty bitty socks as holiday ornaments for Bug’s teachers.  So I set to work following the instructions to make itty bitty socks.  What ended up happening was quite unexpected.  I ended up with a sock about half the size of the itty bitty sock blocker.

Picture 114

As cute as it is, I think I am going to go up a few needle sizes next time.

Stay tuned for 2 finished objects next week! (If I am truly lucky, maybe one tonight and one next week.)