A family weekend

Last weekend was a grand family gathering in Ocean City MD.  It was one of the best I think! We had a hotel on the boardwalk, with a balcony that looked out over the ocean.  We also had an event room for the entire family to gather near the pool.  It was so convenient and wonderful.  Bug had plenty of cousins to play with and was so entertained that she slept for hours and hours on the way back to Nana’s Sunday afternoon. I don’t blame her, I could hardly keep my eyes open either!

I finished a stocking for my brother:

Picture 148

A couple of pictures:

Picture 143

Picture 149

This was sunrise from my hotel balcony.

One of the highlights for me was seeing a pod of dolphins off the coast heading south.  This was a first for me and I was surprised at how fast they were moving!

It was also vintage car weekend in OCMD, so we had a parade of vintage cars running for 2 hours which we could watch from the balcony. This happened 2 mornings in a row.

I’ve never eaten crabs before, and so feeling adventurous joined a portion of the family and grabbed a mallet and learned.


(yes, that is a mystic waters shawl in action)

Not sure I’ll do crabs again, that is a lot of work for not so much food. I was much fonder of the claws than the actual crustacean itself. There was too much goo and I was afraid to ask what it actually was. Do you see the people sitting at the table behind us?  That is also our family, we sort of took over the balcony.

I did start on my spartan sweater.  I’ll show you tomorrow!

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